Our goal when working with our clients is simple - to help you navigate the procurement journey to maximise your chance of winning each and every tender to which you respond. 

PIN, SSQ, PQQ, ITT - the abbreviations can be confusing, and wading through the tender documents can seem like stepping into the darkness. Polaris Procurement will help light up the road to ensure your business success. 

We've got the necessary tools and expertise to increase your understanding and give you the insight to demonstrate in your response what the buyer is looking for, help you to navigate the paperwork and questions, and give you the edge to ensure your response stands out to buyers - and scores the high marks. 

We can provide all levels of support to organisations responding to tenders; ranging from reviews of previous tenders, guidance and training in how to respond, vetting your tender response before you submit - or we can complete and manage the full response on your behalf. 


We offer a no cost, risk and commitment -free initial review which means that if we can't add any value, there's no charge to you. 

tender navigation

tender review


It's said that past performance is not an indicator of future outcomes - but if you're not winning tenders, you need to change your approach to leapfrog your competitors. 


But where do you start and what needs to change?

Let Polaris take a look - our service is performance based, so if we can't add real value to your approach and tender responses, there's no charge to your business. 



We use our knowledge of the market to help you identify potential clients, understand their requirements and prepare your response, before the tender is published - giving you a real head start over your competitors.

Contact Polaris to transform how you approach responding to tenders and give your business the best chance of winning every tender. 

tender navigation and bid writing


We've been where you are and responded to tenders, unclear how the tender will be evaluated and unsure if our response is what the buyer is looking for.

And we've sat at the other side of the table, writing tenders and evaluation criteria, and evaluating suppliers responses.

We can share our experience and insight with you, removing the unknown and guiding your response, to ensure your tender hits what the evaluators are looking for, ensuring you stand out from your competitors. 

Our options include: 

  • An initial meeting and steer based on tender requirements;

  • Reviews at key stages prior to your tender submission;

  • Full bid writing service;

  • or Anything in between to ensure you have the support you need to submit the winning bid.